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What To Do During a Plumbing Emergency?

Do you Have a Plumbing Emergency?

It is almost certain that at some time in life we ​​will suffer an emergency of plumbing at home, that is why we must learn what these possible incidents could be and learn to manage the situation to protect our home during the event. The idea is to have plumbing services that keep our pipes, toilets, boilers, etc., in good condition. However, we ourselves can also do things so that at the time of an emergency and ask for help, the repair is much faster and more effective. Despite the advice, we will give you below, always keep in mind that if there is a problem of large-scale plumbing, the ideal is to have a good professional to minimize damage and costs.

Emergency Examples

Before mentioning some of the most common plumbing emergencies, we must remind you that the severity of each situation may vary and some of the most common mishaps will sometimes require a call to professional service.

  1. Too Hot Water

While we love bathing with hot water, a slight mismatch in our heater could cause us to suffer first degree burns. This usually happens when the heater has overheated.

  1. Water Leaking Pipes

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about this unforeseen event. Just close the passage of water and call the professionals to take care.

  1. Clogged Drain

If you see the water in your drain coming out slowly, it’s time to call a plumber. Try to avoid using chemicals that damage the pipe or make the problem worse. Whenever there is an overflow by an obstruction, it is a big problem that it is better to leave it to expert hands.

  1. Toilet Problems

The toilet tank usually gives us headaches more often than we think. To find out why the water in the tank is not going down, remove the lid and check what the problem is. The chain and pump are often damaged frequently, and it is only a matter of replacing these elements and having a toilet like new.

  1. Waste Odours

If you detect a bad smell coming from the drain, from a leak or from the tap, we are facing a bad signal. You may have problems with the septic system, a pipe or sump pumps. It is important not to expose our health and try to fix the problem on our own. Better leave it in professional hands that will know exactly what to do.

Emergency Plumbing Tips

These tips will help you keep the situation under control while professional help arrives.

  1. Close the passage of water. Whenever there is a plumbing emergency, we must close the water. This will prevent flooding and may prevent the faucets from flying.
  2. Check the water heater. In an emergency such as overheating it is ideal for turning off the heater, that way we prevent it from exploding. If it is gas, first turn off the gas and then the heater.
  3. Address small water leaks as quickly as possible. You can use rags to prevent the drops from reaching the ground. Try to let the expert know exactly where the problem is to solve it immediately.
  4. Open the taps and drains after closing the passage of water. It is possible that even after closing the water, there are still remains in the pipes. It is best to let everything out so that the plumber can take care of the problem quickly.
  5. Call your trusted plumber and listen carefully to his instructions. It is natural that during the emergency you forget to call the person who will solve the problem, but if you call him and get help from the first moment, the damage will be minimal for when you get home.

The Phoenix Plumber

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